CRM Trial Connect 2023

Following its first success, Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM) has finally organized its second conference, the CRM Trial Connect, in Kuala Lumpur. Attended by over 500 delegates, exhibitors and faculty members, the 2-day conference has once again gained positive traction from crowds consisting of 105 organizations with 12 participating countries. The conference was aimed in showcasing Malaysia’s capabilities, experiences and outstanding achievements in multinational clinical research and sponsored clinical trials.

In conjunction with Clinical Trials Day celebration, the conference also saw the Sponsored Research Awards (SRA) to celebrate all our diligent, motivated and passionate investigators as well as clinical trials site staffs, sponsors, CROS and patients during the opening ceremony. We truly believe that these efforts are what collectively bridging the gaps of unmet needs of this field. These engaging 2 days highlighted some of the most exciting sharing by our top investigators and sites.