Annual report

Annual Report 2022

In this annual report, we will highlight the sponsored clinical research milestones achieved under CRM’s guided principles of HUMANITY, STABILITY & SUSTAINABILITY. With CRM’s focus in bridging unmet needs in patient care through clinical trials (HUMANITY) and creating the professional clinical trial management ecosystem that consistently delivers trials with speed, quality & reliability (STABILITY), Malaysia is now at a prominent position in the footprint of global trials. Finally, in the trust built with the stakeholders, CRM is committed to create a conducive, sustainable clinical research environment, as a Global Trusted Research Management organisation (SUSTAINABILITY).

Phase 1 Realisation Report (P1RP)

Clinical Research Malaysia is pleased to share the achievements of the Phase 1 Realisation Project (P1RP). The P1RP was initiated by CRM in 2016, with the support of the Ministry of Health, to ensure Malaysia’s readiness for safe and quality conduct of early phase trials, especially First-in-Human trials. With the completion of this project in 2021, Malaysia has the needed framework, trained regulators, equipped study site and experienced study team in place for First-in-Human trial conduct.

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