Activities / Programs

CRM Trial Connect 2023

CRM Trial Connect is now on its 2nd year, with more interesting program content developed for participating clinical research stakeholders!

Regulatory/ Ethics Training

MREC Good Submission Practice Training:
Objective: To describe and share basic best practices when making ethics application to ensure minimal error / administrative revisions
Preparation of Regulatory Inspection Workshop
Objective: is to provide knowledge to the Investigators & study team so that they are ready for the inspection by sharing experiences from regulatory perspective.

Stakeholder Dialogues

Clinical Research Malaysian organises Industry Dialogue & Investigator Dialogue annually. CRM Industry Dialogue provides an avenue for Pharmaceutical companies (sponsors) and CROs to [...]

Patient Recruitment & Retention Workshop

Patient Recruitment & Retention Workshop is aimed to share best practices and explore how to maximise recruitment approaches whilst still meeting with ethics & regulatory requirements.

Nurturing New Talents in Sponsored Research

Nurturing New Talents in Sponsored Research aims to develop and grow the pool of investigators in Clinical research.

GCP Refresher Workshop

GCP is an international ethical and scientific quality standard for the design, conduct, performance, monitoring,

Protocol Compliance Workshop

This Protocol Compliance Workshop for participants who are involved in Clinical Trial.