Thank You! – Industry Dialogue 2019/1

Its the first CRM Industry Dialogue for 2019!

CRM Industry Dialogue provides an avenue for Pharmaceutical companies (sponsors) and CROs to directly convey any issues, suggestions or opinions that they may have to CRM. Besides strengthening cooperation and networking between all parties, CRM also takes the opportunity to update the clinical research industry on local laws, guidelines and regulations. By bringing together these industry players, CRM uses this platform to connect with them and provide upates on its current and future activities.

Guest Speakers
We would to thank our guest speakers Ms. Yip Su Lyn (Country Manager, Novotech), Dr. Zaril Harza bin Zakaria (Deputy Director, Centre for Investigational New Product, NPRA) and Dr. Hjh Salina Abdul Aziz (Chairperson, MREC) for sharing important updates with us today.

Dialogue Session
We invited Dr Hjh Salina Abd Aziz (Chairperson, MREC), Dr Zaril Harza Zakari (Deputy Director, NPRA), Puan Aidahwaty (Director Technical Evaluation, MDA), Mr Lau Thye Mun (Deputy Director, Royal Malaysian Customs Department) and Mr Ewe Kheng Huat (Executive Director, PhAMA) to have a dialogue session with the industry players.

Our humble gratitude to all.