Hospital Kuala Lumpur – Top Enroller in Cancer Registry Study in Asia

Back L-R: Azie Rohaida (SC), Dr Manichelvi A/p Subramaniam (Sub I), Dr Hisham Bin Ab. Radzak (Sub I), Dr Zainulariffin Bin Dzubir (Sub I), Dr Najib Bin Aziz ( Sub I), Syuhaida Sulaiman (SC), Lee Yan Nie (SC)
Front L-R: Dr Paramjit Singh (Sub I), Mr Noor Ashani Md Yusoff (Principal Investigator), Nora Diana (SC) **Missing from the photo: Dr Rene Kenneth Ignatius (Sub I), Dr Banurekhaa a/p Balasubramaniam (Sub I), Dr Ibtisam Md Nor (Sub I), Mr George Choo Eang Leng (Sub I)

Dr. Noor Ashani Md Yusoff from Hospital Kuala Lumpur (one of Parexel Alliance site) was among the top 2 recruiter for a Cancer Registry study in Asia. This study was to document Prostate Cancer management including diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and care in real-world practice. The study was conducted at 4 sites across Malaysia and Hospital Kuala Lumpur recruited 140% more patients than the average site in the study.

The study team started off with a smaller team of investigators, and grew when recruitment target was increased.  Subjects were recruited from clinics, operation theatre (prior operation) and wards. Dr Ashani also made the study known to other doctors on-site and requested for referral when there is a potential subject identified. The Study Coordinators also assisted in identifying potential subjects for investigators to perform consent process.

CRM management would like to congratulate Dr Noor Ashani and his team and we hope his achievement will motivate other investigators to excel further.