CRM’s Pilot Training Programme: Fundamental of Clinical Research & Practice

The Fundamental of Clinical Research & Practice, it’s CRM’s pilot training programme together with C&R Research Inc. (Korea). This 3 days training are packed with all-you-need-to-know about conducting clinical trials.

In our journey to be the global preferred site for clinical trial, we will need to equip our people with global standard practice in clinical research.

This is one of many trainings that we have in the pipeline and stay tuned for more future programmes conducted by CRM.

About This Training:
The Fundamental of Clinical Research & Practice Course is an introductory training that provides the fundamental information to understand clinical research. It includes Overview of Drug Development, Non-Clinical study, Trial Phases involved and the objective of every phases. The course will also cover the most important guideline in conducting clinical research, Principles of Good Clinical Practice and brief discussion of Roles and Responsibilities of players in clinical research (Institutional Review Board/ Independent Ethics Committee, Investigators and Sponsor).

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