COVID-19 Vaccine Study (Children)



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COVID-19 Vaccine Study (Children)

COVID-19 Vaccine Study (Children)

Clinical Trial Locations

016-8538026 (WhatsApp only)

011-63399633/ 019-4600763 (WhatsApp or Telegram)

018-2159670 (WhatsApp or Telegram)

010-2851058 (WhatsApp only)

010-6631055/ 012-8250059 (WhatsApp only)

010-3652342/ 010-3648545 (WhatsApp only)

012-2290611 (WhatsApp only)

Who Can Participate:
– Healthy Children Aged Between 3-11 Years Old
– Participation in the study will require
written consent from the parents
Send us your details. We will be in touch.

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