Congratulations to CRM Sponsored Research Award winners!

The CRM Sponsored Research Award is given out each year to outstanding Principal Investigators, clinical trials sites and the industry for their contribution in sponsored research to the nation. It is given to spur and encourage more of such efforts in the future. CRM would like to honour and acknowledge their dedication in participating in sponsored research and hope that they will keep up the good work. Congratulations to all CRM Sponsored Research Award recipients:


Dr Voon Pei Jye received the Investigator of the Year & Top Recruiter of the Year Award. For Investigator of the Year Award, he conducted the most studies that were initiated in 2018 and has the highest number of oncology trials in that year. He was also PI for 7 studies that was approved in 2018, one of which is a Phase 1, dose escalation study. He also co-authored in 3 publications in 2018 and 8 of his research findings were presented in ESMO Munich, ESMO Asia, World Conference on Lung Cancer, EndoBarcelona and Malaysia-Singapore Congress of Medicine.

For the Recruiter of the Year Award, Dr Voon has achieved first-patient-in within 100 days from site activation in 5 of his studies initiated in 2018. Four out of these 5 studies to date, have successfully reached its recruitment target.




Hospital Pulau Pinang received the Clinical Trial Site of the Year Award for having conducted the highest number of sponsored research among all MOH sites. 27 sponsored research trials were conducted at this site in 2018, spanning 13 different therapeutic areas including areas of hematology, infectious disease, nephrology, gastroenterology, oncology and bioequivalence studies.



Merck Sharp & Dohme (Malaysia) received the Sponsor of the Year Award for bringing in the highest number of studies that got initiated in 2018 and contributing to the highest value of sponsored research brought to the country.



IQVIA™ received the CRO of the Year Award with the highest number of studies and sites initiated in 2018 (9 studies and 22 sites), and having achieved over 71% of the total recruitment from the 22 sites activated.

Creating Awareness of Clinical Trials through Photography

, 29 August 2019 – Clinical Trials Day 2019 was celebrated for its third consecutive year at the newly opened Women and Children’s Hospital Kuala Lumpur. This event, organized by Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM) in collaboration with Clinical Research Centre (CRC) of Kuala Lumpur Hospital, aims to elevate the awareness level of clinical trials among patients and the general public in the country.

During the event, an I AM AWARE Photography Series, featuring a photo collection of patients that had participated in a clinical trial, was launched by the Deputy Director-General of Health (Research & Technical Support), YBhg Datuk Dr. Christopher Lee Kwok Choong. The photography series portrays the different stages of a clinical trial patient’s life. The I AM AWARE campaign is one of the community outreach initiatives by CRM together with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, CanWell Group as a strategic partner.

Clinical trials have been perceived as experimental testing and patients most often feel as though they are being used as guinea pigs. Despite the significant impact clinical trials has made on improving medical treatments, this misconception continues as the public’s understanding is limited due to lack of understanding of clinical trials.

In order to reach wider audiences at the national level, mobile exhibition roadshows will be touring the country at major public hospitals throughout the year to engage with patients. The photography series, comprising of stand-alone panels and booklets, showcases the core part of clinical trial which is the unsung heroes that have contributed to research that may improve medical treatments and move science forward.

Creating an Impactful Clinical Trials Day at Women and Children’s Hospital, KL

KUALA LUMPUR, 29 August 2019 – Clinical Trials Day 2019 was celebrated for its third consecutive year at the newly opened Women and Children’s Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

This event, organized by Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM) in collaboration with Clinical Research Centre (CRC) of Kuala Lumpur Hospital, aims to elevate the awareness level of clinical trials in the country, as well as to encourage participation of medical professionals in clinical research.

Clinical Trials Day is part of CRM’s ongoing efforts in enhancing the current clinical research ecosystem in the country by ensuring a robust pool of patients and volunteers for trials, while at the same time continuously investing in the infrastructure of qualified personnel, addressing the industry needs and promoting Malaysia as a hub for clinical research.

During this one-day event, Sponsored Research Award was given to individuals and organizations that have immensely contributed to clinical research in Malaysia. Dr. Voon Pei Jye, a Medical Oncologist from Sarawak General Hospital received the Investigator of the Year award as well as the Top Recruiter Award for his outstanding achievement in oncology trials last year.

The event was officiated by the Deputy Director-General of Health (Research & Technical Support), YBhg Datuk Dr. Christopher Lee Kwok Choong. Datuk Dr. Christopher touched on the importance of attracting sponsored research to the country as it provides access to ground-breaking as well as costly treatments that may not be available to patients outside of a clinical trial setting. He also commended the efforts and achievements of the doctors at Hospital Kuala Lumpur who have gone above and beyond their usual clinical practice to deliver clinical trials of good quality.

Congratulations! Hospital Seberang Jaya for being Top Recruiter in Malaysia

Congratulations! Hospital Seberang Jaya for the achievement of being the top recruiter in Malaysia for a neurology study recently. Kudos to our study coordinator team over in Hospital Seberang Jaya for contributing their effort in making it a success.

CRM successfully conduct the Research Proposal Writing Workshop


We would like to thank all our participants for the Research Proposal Writing Workshop by Dr. Masliza Mahmod! We hope all of you had gathered as much knowledge from Dr. Masliza these past 2 days.

Our heartiest appreciation to Dr. Mazliza Mahmod for accepting our invitation to conduct the workshop here with us. We thank you!

Not to forget our guest speakers Dr. Mahmoud Danaee & Dr. Ivy Chung from University of Malaya contributing your time to be with us.

A Unique Model to Accelerate Industry-sponsored Research in Malaysia – Journal for Clinical Studies

This article originally appeared in Volume 11, Issue 1 of the Journal for Clinical Studes.

The influx of industry-sponsored research (ISR) into the Asia Pacific region is continually growing due to the rising costs and complicated processes involved in drug development. Several countries within the region such as Singapore and, more notably, South Korea, have taken the initiative to develop and further strengthen their place as preferred destinations to conduct clinical trials. One such initiative is the establishment of specific entities that focus on nurturing and expanding the existing clinical trial ecosystem within the individual countries. With over 20 years of experience in conducting late-phase trials, the Malaysian government is no exception.

In the last six years, Malaysia has been steadily building a comprehensive and supportive clinical research ecosystem within the country. This includes the creation of Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM), a non-profit company wholly owned by the Ministry of Health (MOH).1 This review will present CRM as a unique business model, established to create a thriving and comprehensive ecosystem for ISRs in Malaysia and how this business model may be relevant and replicated in Asian countries that are looking to focus on attracting ISRs. Read more

Malaysia Collaborates with Two Prominent Singapore Organisations to Advance Clinical Research (VIDEO)

L-R: Dr. Zubaidah Zakariah, Prof. Chng Wee Joo, Dr. Akhmal Yusof, Dato’ Dr. Fadzillah Kamaludin, Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah, Datuk Seri Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad, Mr. Choo Chee Kong, Dato’ Seri Dr. Chen Chaw Min, Dato’ Dr. Goh Pik Pin

KUALA LUMPUR, 26 February 2019 – Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM) inked two Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with two prominent Singapore organizations in the field of clinical research. This will further pave the way for better Malaysia–Singapore collaborations in advancing drug development and research capabilities between both countries. Read more

Malaysia Pharma Report 2018

Through exclusive interviews with the Malaysian Minister of Health as well as the head of the country’s regulatory body – the NPRA – this report examines emerging trends in Malaysian healthcare, with Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad spearheading a bold health policy reform.

Also explored is the emergence of the halal medicine niche – where Malaysia has the potential to be a global leader given its geographic links to Southeast Asia and cultural ties to the Middle East – the first Malaysian biosimilars, the country’s outstanding potential as a regional clinical research hub and the rise of medical tourism.