Malaysia makes AI-enabled stethoscope

Innovative device: Dr Noor Hisham showing Stethee. With him are Crest CEO Jaffri Ibrahim (right) and Crest’s Internet of Things research and programme director Dr Khoh Soo Beng.

PETALING JAYA: Stethee, the world’s first intelligent stethoscope, made in Malaysia, has the potential to be used in remote and rural areas, said the Health Ministry.

The artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled stethoscope system was announced yesterday as a disruptive digital medical device made for the global market.

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Malaysia awarded for gutsy move

Making history: Dr Salmah holding up the award during the summit in Morocco. Looking on are ITPC director of Global Programs and Advocacy Wame Mosime (right) and ITPC MENA (Middle East and North Africa) advocacy and research officer Alia Amimi.

PETALING JAYA: The international community acknowledged Malaysia for being the first nation to invoke compulsory licensing allowing hepatitis C patients to gain access to affordable medicine.

The country was awarded the Leadership Award in Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines.

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Significant advances in treatment of liver cancer this year

Prof Pierce KH Chow

KUCHING: This year has seen significant advances in the treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) also commonly known as liver cancer.

Previously, there was only one therapy for advanced stage liver cancer; there are now several alternative therapies available.

According to Prof Pierce KH Chow, senior consultant of the Division of Surgical Oncology, National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), the breakthroughs mean that liver cancer patients now have options to choose from.

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Bioelectronic medicine is a fast growing alternative to drugs

Electroceuticals — using current to treat ailments — are already helping patients who haven’t responded to more traditional approaches for epilepsy, Parkinson’s, and more.

IN 2006 A CLINICAL TRIAL came to the attention of Dr. Andrew Cole, a neurologist and the director of the Epilepsy Service at Massachusetts General Hospital. The trial was to establish the effectiveness of a new device for treating epilepsy, the NeuroPace RNS System. The device intrigued him, because of its potential for addressing the most challenging cases of epilepsy. It also happened to be a new approach to fighting disease — one that may be as revolutionary as drugs were in the 20th century.

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Hospital Pulau Pinang Highest Recruiter Globally for Haematology Study

Front: Dato’ Dr Goh Ai Sim (Principal Investigator)
Back row from left to right: Yeoh Kai Wen (CRM Study Coordinator), Norizah Ahmad (Study
Nurse), Zailawati Mamat (Study Nurse), Fazila Idris (Study Nurse), Faizah Harun (CRM Study Coordinator)

Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM) would like to congratulate Dato’ Dr. Goh Ai Sim (Principle Investigator) and her study team at Hospital Pulau Pinang for the recognition given by Novo Nordisk as the highest recruiter (14 countries and 22 sites participating) globally for one of their haematology study despite the various challenges faced. Hospital Pulau Pinang is the main referral centre for the northern region in Malaysia.


World’s first Cambridge-linked clinical research centre in Malaysia

PETALING JAYA: The world’s first Cambridge-linked clinical research centre will be set up in Malaysia in partnership with Sunway Group, Sunway Medical Centre and the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation.

Sunway Medical Centre will set up the Sunway Clinical Research Centre to be the regional site partner of the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine.

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The First Man to Have His Genes Edited Inside His Body

Man walking through hallway with suitcase
Brian Madeux makes his way through the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital for the clinical trial

A clinical trial for zinc-finger nucleases, a potential new method of curing genetic diseases, kicks off.

On Monday, 44-year-old Brian Madeux spent three hours hooked up to an IV and made scientific history.

The clear liquid that dripped into his arm set off a chain of events that is supposed to end with the precise insertion of a gene that Madeux has lacked since birth into the DNA of his liver cells. With that, he might be cured of Hunter syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes a range of symptoms including joint stiffness,  breathing problems, and developmental delay. Madeux has had 26 surgeries to deal with it all.

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Cambridge-Malaysia research alliance scales war on killer diseases

Medical researchers in Cambridge UK and Malaysia have joined forces to investigate potential new cures for some of the deadliest and most debilitating diseases on the planet.

The Capella Building at the burgeoning Cambridge Biomedical Campus will be the UK focal point for the initiative. A kindred facility in Malaysia will be dedicated to the cross-border effort.

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10-year fall in blood cholesterol of Malaysia heart attack patients suggests statin impact

Brunei Darussalam 3 Nov 2017: A ten-year decline in the blood cholesterol of heart attack patients in Malaysia suggests that statins are having a positive impact, according to an observational study in nearly 49 000 patients presented at the ASEAN Federation of Cardiology Congress 2017 (AFCC2017).

AFCC2017 is being hosted by the Brunei Cardiac Society, with the support of the ASEAN Federation of Cardiology, on 3 to 5 November in Brunei Darussalam. Experts from the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) will present a special programme.1

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Microsoft starts to support clinical trials

Technology leader Microsoft has entered into a partnership with the life sciences consulting firm Parexel. This is to develop software capable of accelerating drug development for clinical trials.

The partnership will utilize Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform. With this system, Parexel will transfer its informatics software. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service designed for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services. The applications run Microsoft-managed global data centers. The Azure is an example of a software as a service platform and infrastructure as a service.

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