Congratulations! Hospital Seberang Jaya for being Top Recruiter in Malaysia

Congratulations! Hospital Seberang Jaya for the achievement of being the top recruiter in Malaysia for a neurology study recently. Kudos to our study coordinator team over in Hospital Seberang Jaya for contributing their effort in making it a success.

Congratulations! #TEAMCRM – PhAMA Annual Games 2019

Congratulations #TEAMCRM on the remarkable achievements in PhAMA Games 2019! Being the first timer participating in the PhAMA Games, the achievements were of great starters and highly encouraging. You have made us so proud of you and your achievements!


The CRM Bowling Team is the top 10 out of 30 teams while Saw Bee Bee has been recognized as the 2nd female top scorer in the same game.

The Bowling Team

  • Saw Bee Bee
  • Izmil Haikal Bin Zainol
  • Syed Hamzah Syed Noordin
  • Khairul Fidaa binti Khairul Bazli
  • Faizah binti Harun
  • Che Wan Mohd Farezul Shahril


The CRM Netball Team is at the 2nd place competing against the other 7 teams from the members of Pharmaceutical Association of Malaysia (PhAMA).

The Netball Team

  • Normahizon bt Mohamed
  • Nur Sakinah Binti Mohamad Jamian
  • Noor Farhana Azhani Mohamad Saeffee
  • Nurzarifah binti Mohd Rasol
  • Siti Nur Omaira binti Razali
  • Murniyati Binti Mohamad
  • Asha A/P Thanabalan
  • Aina Farhana Binti Zulkipli
  • Komala A/P Pannir Selvam
  • Noorzaihan binti Mat Radi


On behalf of the Management of CRM, thank you for your commitment, hard work and dedication in the PhAMA Games 2019!

CRM successfully conduct the Research Proposal Writing Workshop


We would like to thank all our participants for the Research Proposal Writing Workshop by Dr. Masliza Mahmod! We hope all of you had gathered as much knowledge from Dr. Masliza these past 2 days.

Our heartiest appreciation to Dr. Mazliza Mahmod for accepting our invitation to conduct the workshop here with us. We thank you!

Not to forget our guest speakers Dr. Mahmoud Danaee & Dr. Ivy Chung from University of Malaya contributing your time to be with us.

[VIDEO] Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1440H

Dengan ingatan tulus ikhlas, kami mengucapkan
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin.



[WATCH] Study Coordinator Career Development

[WATCH] Administrative Work | Study Coordinator Services

[WATCH] Patient Management | Study Coordinator Services

Congratulations Dr. Chan Lee Gaik & Hospital Umum Sarawak study team!

Congratulations Dr. Chan Lee Gaik and Hospital Umum Sarawak study team for recruiting the first subject in Malaysia for Peads Influenza study on 13 March and achieving extended recruitment target on 30 April.

Double Joy for Hospital Miri on Patient Recruitment

Double joy for Hospital Miri!

We would like to congratulate Dato’ Dr. Fam Tem Lom and Dr. Louise Ngu, and their study team for being the first in Malaysia to recruit patients for Influenza A (on 15 March) & Peads RSV (on 7 May) study respectively.

We are truly proud of these achievements and hope for more great news from Hospital Miri.


Dato’ Dr. Fam with his study team.