This Code of Conduct is the foundations on how to think and act in the right and ethical manner. Its aim is to establish a common ground of understanding of the standards of behaviour expected from all CRM employees.

This code is not exhaustive as there is no Code or manual that can provide a complete answers to all questions and circumstances. In the end, we must rely on our good sense of what our Company’s high standards require. You are expected to use common sense and good judgement, and seek advice when you are unsure of the proper response to a particular situation.

This Code serves as a guidance where it provides the framework and sets the expectations for business conduct. It clarifies our responsibilities to each other, clients, business partners, suppliers, government officials, and the communities that we serve. It outlines important legal and ethical issues. Failure to adhere to these code could expose our company to serious damage and appropriate action will be taken against the employee who is in breach of this code.

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